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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Yummy Snack

If you don't already know, i grew up in Southern California. We loved visiting local beaches and still go back to the same ones every year. One of my favorite wandering places was always Balboa Island. My mom would take us across the ferry and to the little island, where we would wander around looking through shops and eat frozen chocolate covered bananas. There are few snacks that sound as good to me as that one does. So here is my version.

Because i wanted this snack to have more purpose than fulfilling my need for nostalgic moments, I added some peanut butter, and used only organic ingredients. 

This is sooo simple it is almost stupid. Be aware it is a little messy though. 

What you need

- sliced up bananas 
- equal parts, dark chocolate chips and peanut butter
- microwave safe bowl
- freezer paper
- forks

Start melting the chocolate chips. I microwave them for 30 seconds at a time and stir them in between. When they begin to melt i add the peanut butter and continue until it is liquid like. 

I usually slice the bananas while melting the chocolate. 

Once the chocolate mixture is melted dip bananas into the mixture. This is done by placing the bananas on a fork and dipping them into the mix. The fork works as a strainer to allow extra chocolate to drip back into the bowl. Then place covered bananas onto the freezer paper. Once all bananas are covered place them in the freezer until frozen. 

 Sorry i don't have a final picture. We ate them before i remembered to take one.