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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Favorites- Did Someone Say Sale?

It is still July and already the back to school sales are in full bloom. I would be lying if i said i wasn't on constant sale watch mode and I may or may not have put a few online orders in already. You see i am in middle of redoing my office, starting up a new business and well I just love to shop. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has almost been the death of my credit card but since we are being smart shoppers this year... its paid off already. Here are my favorites so far and if you haven't hit up the Nordstrom sale, what are you waiting for?! It ends August 4th and believe me you don't want to miss it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Favorites- On the Go Snacks

So i failed and didn't post my Motivate Me Monday yesterday, but i was busy being an awesome mom! Yesterday I took the girls to Saint George to play at the Tabernacle Square splash pad and needless to say, they were in love! So i am just going to skip this week and post an epic MMM next Monday. So stay tuned.

Since i wrote about trying to explore and experience things more with the girls we have spent a good amount of our time outside. It has been great to be out of the house, in the sun and just playing. One thing we do quite a bit is head to the park or pool or even lounge in the back yard all day. I tend to pack our lunches and snack in a cooler bag so we are prepared to be away from the house all day and not eat fast food. It is really important to me that we eat healthy, I go in and out of feeling a need to be organic and all sorts of crunchy. I am back at it now. Our home is stocked with fruits and vegetables (all organic) and lots of other meal ingredients that are actually good for us. So anyways here is what the girls are loving, especially Leighton and they are semi healthy choices for on the go families. 

You can find all of these at Amazon, Target, Smiths and sometimes Costco.

We also eat a lot of apples, mandarin oranges, grapes and steamed carrots and broccoli.

What are your families favorite on the go snacks?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Favorites- Traveling Must haves

We are heading out of town first thing in the morning for Salt Lake. Anyone else going to bright night on Thursday? I am so excited. But anyways since we travel sooo much I have just a few things that i feel like are must haves right now. 

Backpack- Forever21. Amazingly comfy pants- Anthropologie. Wrap- Solly Wrap. Polaroid camera- Amazon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Favorites- Hot Days

We live in pretty high elevation and in Southern Utah so i know that some of you are going to laugh when you read this but some days here are hot. Not like the heat of Nevada where i truly believe the Lizards go to die, but hot enough that the kids don't want to be outside with out shade, or water. Since my goal this week is to work on being outside and exploring rather than inside and melting our brains with telivision i figured i would round up our favorite things for hot days. Which is kind of perfect since Friday is the 4th and who doesn't want to spend it outside?

 Sun Tent and Coconut Water- Amazon, Sandals and Dress- Old Navy, Sunscreen and Pool- Target

We Have an awesome pop up tent, not this exact one, i actually can't find it anywhere online. I grabbed it at target one day during one of my random shopping sprees and almost took it back because of buyers remorse. I am sooo glad i didn't. I keep it in the car and take it everywhere, the park, friends homes, on Sunday drives and I am even considering setting it up at the 4th of July parade. It isn't too big or small and if it had a brand or i had anyway of finding it i would buy like 10 of them so if i can always have one. 

Do any of you use the Honest company products? We love them! Leighton has the worst skin ever (poor girl) and I found their balm cleared her right up and she has zero break outs with this sun screen. Not as high of spf as i would like but it does the job. 

Old Navy is clearly our go to for so many reasons but you can't beat their prices on sandals for the kids. 

Most important thing while your in the sun? Staying hydrated. I am not a huge fan of coconut water. I think it is bitter and gross, but Leighton has always liked it which is great because it is so good for you. It is packed with electrolytes and vitamins and is totally natural. These pouches are convenient and way better than a juice box.

Hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your hot day go tos!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Favorites- Red, White and Blue!

The 4th of July is right around the corner and we are feeling patriotic. Really, I look forward to this day every summer. A day dedicated to celebrating our country should be done right. We always dress up,  attend a parade, have a lunch party and end the night with fireworks. This year I really want to have a bbq full of  festive food and red, white and blue decor. I went shopping for our outfits today and here is what I found.

This recipe looks heavenly.
These candles are on sale and how perfectly patriotic are they?!
This banner is too cute not to hang.

What will you be doing this Independence day?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Ten

I think it's about time I share a little more about myself. Anne from The Hills are Alive shared a top 10 and I loved it. With all the new followers (love you!) let's get to know each other more.

Top Ten 

1. Morning cuddle sessions with the girls
2. Trenta green tea lemonades
3. Dancing with Leighton
4. Finding new places to eat out
5. Maxi dresses
6. Couponing at Target
7. Fresh flowers
8. Beautiful lighting, especially through my back window
9. Saturday morning piyo workouts
10. Front door wreaths

Just a few more because who only has 10 in their top?

The way Emersyn sucks her fingers, Kaden coming home early, Everything gold and The smell of spring.

Now its your turn, post it, insta it, or comment it, and tag me I want to get to know you too! Seriously lets become online besties please?