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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Things My Daughter Says

Kids really say the darndest things. I about die several times a day when i hear what Leighton has come out of her mouth. Lately I have thought "I really hope i always remember this" So here they are. I am interrupting the regular Tuesday post to bring a list of crazy words from the mouth of a babe.

These are just from yesterday...

Cover your boobs! Cover your boobs!
(as i fed Emersyn Leighton tried to cover me up. Funny that Leighton knows no modesty herself though.)

It eats a boob, It eats a boob.
(This sent me back to silence of the lambs and uhh Leighton tried to feed Emersyn herself and all i could do was take a picture and of course it was blurry.)

Me- Can i have a kiss? Leighton- We May! and proceeds to kiss my face off.
(maybe just a little too much frozen around here.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dear Babies

Dear Leighton and Emersyn,

                You two have been sick the past few days and I am about ready for you to be over it. I am also about ready to punch a mom from the park in the face. I really am not a violent person, i promise. My mother bear instincts just come out when you are harmed in anyway and in this case it was getting sick. Since i am so upset she took her sick kids to the park who got you two sick, we have not left the house for a while. I am use to being gone almost all day long between the gym, errands, and the park. Being home the past few days has not been easy but in some ways it has been great. You both have been so sad and tired and whiny but all you have wanted was for me to hold you, love you and make everything better. You have fought over who gets to sit on my lap and who gets to rock with me first. You take turns having fevers, runny noses, and the saddest little coughs. Im sorry you have both been upset but i have loved all of your loving. Leighton you have been cuddling with me on the couch all day and want me to hold your hand or carry you in the kitchen so you can look at your fish. Emersyn you cry when you are left alone but smile when i hold you and kiss your hands. You touch my face and look at me with so much trust while i cradle you. When you two are sad and can't feel better unless i cuddle you or rub your back i suddenly feel needed more than ever. Making sure you are happy and healthy and safe is my job and when you aren't that way i have to work extra hard to get you feeling good again. I hope that you always need me this way. That when you aren't feeling great, you will come to me and want to cuddle and have me make it better. I love both of you more than you will ever know.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivate Me Monday- Sick Days

This past week was eventful and fun and very very draining. Emersyn got sick on Thursday and as much as i tried to convince myself that she was doing fine, she wasn't. She hasn't slept at night since Wednesday and i mean really hasn't slept. Like when the baby can only sleep being held and the second you lay her down she starts screaming or once you do get her to lay down she just coughs herself awake. This has been awesome! Im full of sarcasm right now (due to my lack of sleep) so bare with me. 

Last night sat down to write this post and thought what in the world is going to motivate me this week, what do i need?! All i can think? Sleeeeep. So i gave up on this until this morning. Hope all of you have slept much much more than i have the past few days and i hope all the littles are way healthier. It is summer, life is supposed to be a dream and no one is supposed to be sick. But here is real life and here is what is motivating me today. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Dear Leighton

Dear Leighton, 

Today you have been so sweet. I am amazed everyday by your crazy spirit but today i was in awe with your sensitive personality. You asked me to hold you while we were shopping and wanted to help pick out a present for Quincy baby. We went to Logandale today and on our way we stopped by grandmas. You asked me not to leave you but cried for 10 minutes because you didn't get to see grandma. You love her so much and she loves you too.  On our way we stopped in Saint George to go shopping, in the first store you stripped down and put on a brand new dress. You always know what you want and obviously exactly how to get it. I hope you always know how to accomplish what you set your mind to. Driving into Logandale you got so excited. You started reaching to the window yelling May May! If only she was here. You miss her so much, i miss her too and she misses you so. When we got to Grandma and Papas you got a hold of Katie's kitten and carried it around like a doll. At one point you grabbed a picture of May May and held it in front of the kitten and told the kitten May May mission. 

Right now you are so in love with repeating words. You say tink bell, elmo, bear, cinderella, and just about any other word i ask you to say, those just happen to be your favorite shows. You love taking care of your baby dolls, reading books and cooking up some yummy meals on your play kitchen. Every  morning when you wake up you climb into bed with me and ask one of two things, gym or dudu. Today i could barely open my eyes so i rolled over and handed you my phone with elmo on and you tucked me back into bed. You are such a big helper. Just before we left the house today i went to get your sister out of her crib and you were already half way down the hall with her. I  still have no idea how you got her out of her crib but she sure was laughing when i found you two. 

You like to be the baby still. I wish you could be a baby forever. You ask me to hold you and you cuddle up in my lap. I am so proud to be your mom though and I love watching you grow. You are always asking questions, you really are so curious. You are learning to count and say your abc's. You are afraid of snakes and bugs. I am always amazed at how girly you can be. You love rocks and the moon. Tonight when we were walking in the house you saw the moon and said "hello moon, I love moon, hold hands?" You put your hand out and reached for it and then said good night. This melted my heart. How are you so caring that you want to hold hands with the moon? You are genuinely so sweet and sensitive. 

Today we met baby Quincy, Whitney and Braden's new baby girl and you had fun exploring the Bowerman home with Whitney's nephews. While we were there you went out side, sat on their porch swing and said swing too and patted next to you. Thank you so much for always including me in your experiences. I love being by your side when you have a smile on your face from something new. You showed off your baby sister today and would point out both babies every time you were near one. You called Emersyn Emma for the first time this week. I hope you always do. It is one of the sweetest words you have ever said. 

Before going into the house tonight i held your hand while you walked along the little brick wall. You wanted to balance on your own so badly. As i held your perfect little hand in mine i thought about how quickly you are trying to grow. If you must grow up just slow down. I want to remember every moment i spend with you, every hug you give me and every kiss i steal. You definitely drive me crazy sometimes but i want to be able to take in every new moment we spend together and i want you to always know how much i love you.

You'r Mom

Monday, June 2, 2014

Motivate Me Monday- Dream Weekend

Did anyone else have a dream weekend? We sure did. I honestly am pretty sad that it is over. Saturday started off with a super awesome Piyo class that kicked my butt and let the babes play at the gym day care. For some reason Leighton loves the place. Then we went on a breakfast and swim date with friends. Coconut, chocolate chip, ricotta pancakes are always a good idea! 

My little girls are quite the pair of fish. Leighton is way too brave in the water and i need to get her into lessons asap! Every time she thought i wasn't watching her she would run straight to the deep end and try to jump in. Thank goodness for awesome lifeguards who kept their eyes on her. 

After the pool and nap time i took the girls to the local nursery for "garden days" they were offering free little kid train rides. Leighton was in love. If it wasn't for the wind she would have rode that thing all afternoon. While we were there i had her help me pick out some new things to plant in the yard. What was her favorite plant to carry around? Beats. We planted everything together after church yesterday. It is so nice to be at this point in Leighton's life where she is taking everything in and learning so much. She loves to be a helper and its great because Emersyn loves to watch. 

This week I hope to have more moments like this with my girls. I am going to be posting a list of all the things we want to do this summer. I am so glad it is finally here!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boobs to Bottles- Learn from My Mistake

Today's linked up topic is on transitioning from breast or formula feeding to milk. I have absolutely zero experience with formula feeding so i will talk about breast feeding to milk and you all can learn from all of my mistakes in this area. 

I have been blessed with the opportunity to breast feed both of my beautiful babies. I honestly was all about it with Leighton and so much so i was determined to feed her until she was at least two. I read so many great things about bonding and health that i was not opposed to feeding as long as she possibly would. That did not work out how i had hoped though. I started to lose my milk supply just a few weeks into my second pregnancy. Leighton was only 10 months old and i didn't even know i was pregnant yet. I got nervous and did everything i could to get it back. With out much luck Leighton slowly began taking more and more bottles, and by the time she was 11 1/2 months old she was almond milk from a bottle only. Not only was I devastated but Leighton was a year old and for the first time hooked on a bottle. (She drinks almond milk because she is allergic to dairy, and we aren't huge dairy fans anyways)

Break my heart here is the mistake i made... I transitioned her to a bottle. Wow was that stupid! Judge all you want, I have a 2 year old that takes a bottle every night before bed. I am a total push over but I changed her comfort from me to a bottle. 

Still I suggest breast feed as long as possible! The health benefits are out of this world. I know some people are turned off by breast feeding, it's possible to do in good taste. Use a cover or feed in private. If you are able it is the most loving and beneficial act you can do for your baby. It has been a beautiful and very fulfilling experience with both if my girls and not to mention it's saved sooo much money. 

When it is time to introduce milk. I think around 1 year is the easiest and healthiest time to do this, start with a sippy. Oh how I wish I would have. Milk or Almond milk is usually much sweeter and is almost like a treat so it's not that hard of a transition for the milk itself. But remember breast feeding is not only about milk, it's about comfort and attachment too. Help your child to find comfort in other ways than nursing. Introducing a stuffed animal or blanket is great at this time and make sure to still hold and cuddle your little one. They will notice a lack of physical contact if you don't. 

For mamas, remember this transition might not be easy on you. Your hormones will change. You might break out or feel very emotional. It is so normal, just be aware of it. You might be needing all the holding and cuddles you get from your little one too! 

When you get to this point I wish you the best of luck! How have you transitioned from breast milk to milk? 

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers and their experiences in the link up! 

Monday, May 12, 2014


I know I'm so late on writing this post! I am sorry, i totally blame it on being so sick and stressed out last week. I had a migraine that put me out of commission and thought i was losing my milk supply. Its a real problem and scared me so much i probably stressed way too much and made it worse. Anyways I am so excited about these link up topics and love hearing and giving advice on raising babes and toddlers so its perfect.

This link up was on how to tame the temper tantrum. Where to begin? Have any of you met my overly dramatic 2 year old? She is the one with red hair, blue eyes, a high pitched scream and is probably laying on the ground kicking her feet. Needless to say, I am not the master tamer of the tantrum that is for sure. I surprisingly became pregnant again just before Leighton turned 1 and at the time i thought i had given birth to the most perfect child on the planet. Leighton was so smart, and so mild tempered i knew the fit throwing was not in my future. About 6 months in to my pregnancy every idea i had about Leighton drastically changed. When Leighton was 18 months old (and i was ready to pop) i found myself in a friends living room trying to put Leighton to bed and staring in shock and horror as she screamed her head off and turned into a crazy child. I am serious, crazy! She even shook a lamp. Every fear i had ever had about having two babies so close together was about to come to life and I was not ready for it. After a few weeks of pretending like Leighton wasn't a normal almost two year old who threw fits and cried to get her way i reminded myself... I have spent the last 5 years in the classroom learning how to handle this, learning how to calm children and how to ultimately tame a tantrum. In the past i had worked with children using numerous ways to calm them including, holding, time outs, redirecting and ignoring. 

Recognize What They Need
If there is one thing you take away from this it should be this, ever child is different, every child requires a different form of love as well discipline. Leighton loves to be held, cuddled, kissed and recognized through touch. If i use that against her it only makes bad times worse. If  i was to hold Leighton when she is throwing a fit to get her to calm down it would take twice as long and it would devastate her, the same goes for spanking. Since i know she needs to be loved by touch i make an extra effort to give her hugs, to hold her on my lap when we talk, give her piggy back rides when we play and carry her around when Emersyn is alright on her own. Doing this cuts the fits down a ton. She knows she is loved and a huge part of her needs are being met.

Understand Why They Are Upset
Sometimes Leighton freaks out just to freak out, but more often than not there is a specific need not being met and I need to help her meet it. Leighton tends to become more upset when she is late for a nap or has skipped one all together. She cries over food i don't want her to eat when she is hungry or when she has skipped a snack or meal. When we are shopping or out and about i know she feels ignored or bored out of her mind when she cries for an item or throws herself to the ground for what seems like no reason at all. Fits like these can often be fixed by knowing what they need, this is when redirection works best and a positive attitude. (Ex. Are you Hungry? I am sorry you can't eat that bag of candy but i will get you some oranges.) Pointing out the actual feeling they have helps them to learn that feeling doesn't mean they need to scream and cry but that they want to eat or whatever the need may be.

Stay Calm
I am the first to admit that this isn't easy. But tantrums are so much easier if you can do it. If its too hard to deal, then separate yourself from the situation. Leave the room, put your child in their room. Breathe and give yourself space from the moment. Maybe it will pass on its own, if not then start from the beginning, what does your child respond to best and what is the main reason for the tantrum in the first place? Then move forward with the action you see fit. Sometimes children need the tough punishment, sometimes they need to ignored and sometimes they just need to be loved. Make your choice and follow through. Even if a huge punishment is in order stay calm while doing it. The more high strung you are, the more your child will feed off of it. The calmer you are, the calmer it is for them to be. One method i use most of the time, wether it works or not is counting to three. This not only helps me to stay in check but tends to get Leighton's attention and lets her know if her behavior does not stop then there will be a punishment. 1...2...3... somedays all this does is helps her to count but at least something is being learned right?

Pictures by- Mckenzie Felt

What ways have you found to be successful in taming tantrums? Is there a special cure all for the two year old out there? If so i want that magic potion please!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother

This morning i woke up in a huge hotel bed with Emersyn snuggled next to me and Leighton sprawled across Kaden and mine's legs. I laid there in the dark before anyone else moved smiling to myself. I couldn't help but feel so blessed. What a calling i have been given. I am a mother. I have two darling girls that i have opportunity of raising. 

Not every morning feels so picturesque. In fact, most mornings don't. I am usually crawling out of bed with my eyes half open and am counting down the hours until i can lay down again. Honestly, being a mother is probably the hardest thing i will ever do. That might just make being a mother that much more amazing though. It is not for the faint of heart, it is sleepless nights, cleaning the house, making meals, changing bums, stressing about anything and everything, keeping a little human not only alive but well and thriving.

Photos by McKenzie Felt.

I can not think of anything else i would rather be doing. The hard days make the good days that much better. I love spending my days with the girls playing dress up, dancing in the living room, swimming in the tub or running around the back yard. I love our secret laughs, soft kisses, and long hugs. I love when Leighton says mommy when she is loving and yells mom when she is mad. I love that Emersyn only has eyes for me and will literally bend over backwards to see my face. I know there is nothing more spiritual or no other work that can bring me closer to God than that of being a mother. I could not be a mother if i was not entrusted with these spirits and i know that i am because Heavenly Father saw me fit to watch over them. 

I love that today is a day devoted to mothers and all that they do. I could not be the mother that i am with out my mom and Kaden's as well. We have been blessed with amazing parents, but especially amazing mothers. These women put up with two stubborn, strong willed children who demanded a lot of attention and still do. We could not be more grateful for their support in our lives and their love for our girls, they are both the best grandmothers there are! I have always loved this quote and this it fits them perfectly. 

P.S. -The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints released this video. Could it be anymore perfect?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Daughters and Red Balloons

If you have not heard Ryan's story, you can find it here.
His mamma blogs here.

Loss is definitely not easy and hard does not even begin to describe the pain you feel from it. Grief comes in many ways and life that is left, is changed forever. I truly hope that dear little Ryan's parents find their way through what will be the most trying thing they could ever experience and that they may know how many angel's are surrounding them. So many lives have been touched because of Ryan's passing.  Social media has connected all of us and allowed us to be a part of each others lives with out personally knowing one another. 

As i watched the story of Ryan's passing grow and the red balloons fill every square i scrolled past, tears filled my eyes and love filled my heart. I reflected a lot on my girls and what they mean to me. How could i possibly imagine losing either of them? I can't. I pray it is a heart ache i never have to endure. I do not know if i could survive it. My girls have become my whole heart. All of the love i have for anything in my life is somehow connected to them. These two beautiful spirits were entrusted to me and it is my responsibility to show them love, to teach them of heavenly things, and to provide them with strength and safety. I intend to hold them a little longer, shower them with kisses and praise, and pray that they may be safe from them things in the world that are waiting to harm them. I feel like Love is to simple of  a word to describe how i feel about my girls. I hope they may always know how deeply i care for them and that they are the root of who i am. They are my daughters. Leighton and Emersyn are my everything.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Motherly Advice {Seek Adventure}

We all know that going to the grocery store with a toddler and 5 month old may be an adventure in itself but somehow i have decided there is a need for more. When we stay home 5 days a week except for visits to the gym we all tend to go a little crazy. Maybe me more than the girls but i am convinced Leighton is way more well behaved when she gets some fresh air and sunshine. 

Now that the sun is out and summer is just around the corner it is time to start planning all the adventures you want to go on. Vacations, day trips, park outings, pool days, whatever your heart desires. Seriously seek after it. Immerse your children in it. 

At the end of last summer i discovered my love for hiking. This year i plan to hike as many times as we possibly can, i am not kidding when i say i want to hike at least once a week. Southern Utah is like one ginormous hikers play ground. How in the world am i supposed to hike with a crazy 2 year old and a baby? It is not easy, I will tell you that right now.

 Courtney and I attempted our first run at it last week. We were not prepared for the hour it took us to sunscreen, chase, change, and pack on all the kids, but now that we have done it once we are convinced it will be easier next time. 

If you are a hiker and want to try it out with your kids here is my advice... always use the buddy system (take another adult), wear sunscreen (at least lather your kids in it), bring a ton of water, and be very very patient. Walking at a toddlers pace is not always easy but if you try to see the hike through their eyes you will enjoy the beauty around you soooo much more.

If i learned anything in all of my child development courses it was that children learn through experiences. These little ones are total sponges just waiting to soak up whatever we allow them to. Go ahead be brave, and seek adventures and take your littles along to experience them with you.