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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

L & EM- Week 4

These two. This week has been pretty laid back but these two have been funnier than ever. The fighting has begun. If Emersyn has it Leighton wants it and if Leighton has it Emersyn needs it. I die, really. Like how do parents not go bald from pulling their hair out on a daily basis? I am just going to embrace this little stage of life that will probably last the next 16-100 years. Em likes to be silly now, especially if it makes Leighton laugh. When i told them to sit by each other this is where they landed. The moment didn't last long so this is all i got. Leighton too tired to look at me and Em trying to strangle peaches (our miniature cat). 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

L & EM- Week 3

The girls and I went on a quick trip to Salt Lake this weekend to visit friends and family. We went with  my mom and sister Hannah. When we first got on the road Leighton could't quit asking if we were going on an adventure. She was so excited and for some reason figured if we were with Grandma, of course that meant we were on our way to open presents. The old Christmas tree still up in our hotel lobby only furthered her belief that there must be presents near by. Well two nights in a hotel with out presents mean she was over it pretty quickly and tried everything she could to  escape. Of course Emersyn stood right by her side and cheered her on. It is kinda of scary how close my two year old came to breaking out of the hotel room. Sometimes i really do think she is way to smart for her own good. The entire trip went really well. We all loved spending time together and the girls were so fun. Both of them were full of energy but that just meant extra smile all around. Both girls were also pretty perfect in the car. I couldn't believe it, neither of them cried, just played and slept.

These girls are so special. I love our days together. Leighton and Emersyn have been playing so well and i love watching them. What a blessing it is to stay home with them everyday. Sometimes i feel bored or question why it is so important, but it really is. Last week i asked Kaden how he felt about me staying home. Sometimes i feel like i am not doing enough and he said, "Don't you feel like staying home is the best way to raise the girls, i feel like it is the best thing you could be doing." I don't know why that surprised me but I guess the reassuring words are exactly what i needed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

L & EM- Week 2

These girls are crazy. This week Leighton said to me "mom carry me down stairs, my legs broken" Then one night while cuddling with her I asked "Leighton do you love me?" She replied "I think so, your nice." I'm glad to know she thinks i am nice, especially since this morning I hear her tell Emersyn, "run dister, mom's gonna hit you" I about fell aver when i heard her say that. I do not hit my children. At least not very often. 

Emersyn has been funnier than ever. Leighton taught her how to go down the stairs over the weekend. She loves taking care of her sister. Leighton says "follow me dister, like this, like a baby." Emersyn just laughs and does exactly what she does. Emersyn loves sitting on little things. She is so tiny so anything doll sized is perfect for her. Little chairs, strollers, the bottom of the book shelf. Her tiny squatty body kills. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

L & EM- Week 1

I saw a post like this on another blog and fell in love. I share pictures constantly on instagram but it is rare to have pictures of the girls together. This year i am going to post a photo of them each week and a little bit about what they have been up to. Wouldn't that make a super cute book?

Leighton has been fighting a bad cold and Emersyn has a mouth full of teeth that are trying to come in. Needless to say both runny nosed girls may be playing together better than ever. When they are confined to the house they still figure out how to be active. Leighton enjoys pushing her doll sized 14 month old sister in the little stroller she got for Christmas and Em enjoys dressing up exactly like Leighton does.