Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Emersyn is 3 Months Old

Happy very late 3 months to Miss Emersyn! 
Seriously she is almost 4 months old now, but these pictures were taken the day she turned 3 months

This dark haired blue eyed girl has two hobbies... blowing bubbles and eating.
Her days consist of sleeping, smiling and being picked on by Leighton.

She is currently working on sitting up and pushing herself up.
Em still loves being swaddled and rocked to sleep.
She is the biggest mommas girl and I am just fine with that.

Emersyn loves cuddles, kisses, and of course Tiffany. 
Those two have really good staring contests. 
She is so strong and has the sweetest spirit. 

 My only wish right now is that she could stay this little forever. 
Her thigh rolls melt my hear and morning smiles make early days so worth while.

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  1. she does a good job of holding her head up. cute pics