Monday, April 20, 2015

A Quiet Moment

Its 2 in the AM and the house is finally silent. Honestly i don't know how much quiet time i have had for the past few weeks. Having your husband home 24/7 may sound like a good idea but it is not the dream i thought it would be. Don't get me wrong i love my hubby. I just also love my own routine and my way of doing thing things. Kaden is going a little stir crazy around here. Last week he sent me into a full on panic attack when he dumped the kitchen drawers out and started reorganizing. Either he needs a job soon or i need some anxiety meds. With Kaden not working i have been stressing to work more. I found myself constantly posting items and trying to book parties. Needless to say even if Emersyn hadn't been cutting 8 teeth at once this last week was exhausting. 

The hustle is not what its about. Not all of the time anyways. Yesterday Kaden cuddled with me and finally cried. I think i cried for everything. For how hard i work, for that baby i want, for the things that scare me with our children, for long days and short nights and for no time to breathe and realize where we are heading in life. Once i got it all out i felt renewed. Sometimes just getting it out is all we need. I really think it is all i needed. Here is to a new week and a new way of looking at life. Today i woke up feeling energized and ready for a new start. I became organized and i am going to schedule myself lots of "me" time and time with to spend with the girls and Kaden. No matter how broke we are work comes third. God, family, everything else. Is that how it goes? Something to that effect anyways. 

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