Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love Is In The Air

I like listening to NPR while i am driving around town. Anyone else do this? Leighton thinks its really boring so i only get to turn it on while she is sleeping. Lucky for me she does sleep in the car. Anyways  on our way home from Zion i heard a little blurp about why spring makes people happy. I thought "well duh winter is finally over." You especially feel that way if you live in a dark, cold, grey, kind of stale place like we do. The second the birds start tweeting and the sun starts shining people crawl out of their holes homes and spend time outside. It helps that winter has come and gone but apparently there is much more to it than that. Supposedly this time of year actually allows your body to release more endorphins than any other time of year. If you have ever watched Legally Blonde then you know what endorphins do. They make you happy! They also help you to feel the chemicals that are "love" and make you want to have others feel that way too. 

Interesting huh? I thought so. I totally feel more in love lately. In love with being productive and creative. In love with my girls and my husband. In love with decorating our home and buying new shoes. You know all the good things to be in love with. So for reals. Love is in the air and you should totally take advantage of it. What fun things do you have planned for spring? Or what traditions do you have with your littles around this time of year? 

One of my favorite things to do with the girls is get in as many hikes as possible. The weather is beautiful and the crowds aren't to crazy yet. My all time favorite place to visit? Zion National Park and guess what its basically in my backyard only a little over an hour away and a perfect little day trip. 


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